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Bill has been a Concealed Carry permit holder for over 30 years, including New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Utah and Pennsylvania.  He is a certified NRA Pistol Instructor, Range Officer and on the list of approved Pistol Trainers for Jefferson, Oswego and Lewis Counties.  In addition he is a certified Utah State Instructor.  He has been shooting pistols and 3-Gun competitively for many years.


The safe handling of firearms is essential in the sport of target shooting as well as in personal defense.  Many of our friends that have a fear of firearms are instantly transformed once they have had an opportunity to understand and experience the sport of target shooting.


At this time the basic pistol training course required for the Jefferson, Lewis and Oswego County pistol permit is offered.  In addition the Utah CCW and Florida permit class is also offered.  Live fire exercise for the Florida permit is required and is scheduled separate from the classroom session.  

Come join us!  You will not only learn the essentials of safe gun handling but will have fun too!



  • NRA Safety Pistol Instructor

  • NRA Range Safety Officer

  • Utah Pistol Instructor

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Spartan Training Industries, LLC

Bill Kleftis

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Chaumont, NY  13622


Phone: (717) 875-3839

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