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NEW NY Pistol Class - This is a 16-hour classroom training class and 2 hours of live fire that meets and exceeds the standard defined by DCJS, effective September 1st, 2022.  Proof of this training is required to apply for a pistol permit in  New York Counties.  The cost of this course is $325.00 and must be paid in advance to secure seating in the next class.  Class are typically conducted on a Friday evening, all day Saturday and most of Sunday.

Utah Permit Class - Cost of class is $130.  Includes the finger print card and instructors stamp.  You will need to send a separate fee to Utah, along with a passport photo.

Florida LIVE FIRE Class - Cost of class is $50.  Florida requires the witnessing of safe gun handing by a certified instructor.  You will receive a certificate of satisfactory completion of the live fire exercise and 2 blank Florida fingerprint cards.  Florida requires a law enforcement official conduct the fingerprints of applicants.  

Other Firearm Classes - Custom firearm classes are available upon request for class sizes of 10 or more.

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